The Prologue

August 14, 2019 1080outdoors

The Prologue

To be Frank:

I am just going to start off saying that this is all new to me. If I am going to be completely honest, I have never been one for writing blogs or even really following those written by others for that matter. But here we are, a new season, new goals, and new opportunities. 

We are a month away from the Wisconsin Bow Season opener and admittedly, I’m nowhere close to being ready, but there are very few years where I am fully prepared.

If you haven’t read Taylor’s opening blog about honesty and what we are making our main priority this hunting season, please do. It is what has inspired me to do this blog and enter this season with a completely different mindset. 

I could not agree more with Taylor how many of us crave honesty and relatability. It is attribute seemingly difficult to find when it comes to reading, listening, and watching others do what we eat, live, and breath 365 days of the year. 

Quite frankly, I’ve craved this honesty and relatability for years, but have found myself falling into the trap of only sharing my successes with others and conveniently avoiding to address the “failures”.

It really hit home after reading Taylor’s blog as I went to my Instagram page and saw the content in a completely different way. As I scrolled through my posts, it dawned on me that a majority of the pictures were from hunts that ended in a harvest. 

This wasn’t done intentionally, but I feel that I not only have shorted others in showing what goes into the blessing of a harvest, but I’ve cheated myself in not taking the opportunity to remind myself why I hunt, why I continue to strive to learn, and why I have the passion for being in God’s great creation.

So what am I going to do about it? Well things are going to be different. As one who loves to photograph, I always have my camera with me, but realize I don’t use it nearly enough. 

By doing this blog, I will put everything out there. Every adventure into the great outdoors is going to be documented, photographed, and learned from no matter the outcome of the hunt. 

This is as much about being honest with myself as it is to you who has stumbled across this blog. Hopefully by the end of the season this blog shows a story. A story of an average guy who has the same everyday struggles and responsibilities as everyone else. 

A story of how I have grown and learned from each and every outing no matter the outcome. Hopefully providing some ideas, insights, and experiences that you can take something away from.

What will you see me doing this year? Well a little bit of everything! Hunting on public and private land, pursuing deer, waterfowl, and even for the first time, bear. 

I’m a passionate bow hunter who is caught in a torturous scenario with living 10 minutes from the great Mississippi River. 

Where ducks dropping into the spread is as addicting as seeing a mature buck make a scrape on an oak ridge as the sun rises during a crisp November morning. I’ve spent countless hours chasing mature bucks on public land, which I continue to do, passionate about not only outsmarting the deer but other hunters as determined as I am. 

I have learned so much from public land hunting which is why I find myself dragging my stand deep into the public woods year after year, even with having access to a beautiful private farm.

With all this being said, please bear with me as I figure out my writing style and how to put into words about my experiences. Being in Law Enforcement, writing is nothing out of the ordinary to me. 

But this style of writing will be entirely different, it is not as direct as “Bad guy broke the law, I arrested bad guy, bad guy go to jail. End of report.” 

So I will make every attempt to not write “Went into woods. Saw a deer. Shot the deer. Went home. End of blog.”

I sincerely appreciate your attention and I am extremely excited to share this season with you!

Tyler “Being Frank” Franks

About The Author

Tyler Franks serves his community as a Law Enforcement Officer. He is an outdoor enthusiast, family man and follower of Christ. Tyler welcomes you along on his hunting journey this year.

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