The Hunting Industry Doesn’t Need Anymore “Gurus” It Needs Honesty

August 1, 2019
August 1, 2019 1080outdoors

The Hunting Industry Doesn’t Need Anymore “Gurus” It Needs Honesty

The Hunting Industry Doesn’t Need Anymore “Gurus” It Needs Honesty

Rustling of leaves… Woods full of color and a very crisp cut to your lungs when you inhale… It is an obsession… It sounds a lot like November…

When I fell in love with hunting, I was really young. I failed and I still fail all the time. Looking back on it, my peers and mentors failed too… I was never exposed to successful year after year hunting, which if you know me, I am a huge proponent of success breeds success..

When I was 20, I began bowhunting, seriously, or so I thought. I’m 26 now, and trying to figure out the process of killing a big buck every year. I began by watching hunting shows and just listening to the experts.. Even when they told me to buy the magical spray.. Oddly enough it never really panned out. Then came my next plan….

Get into the hunting industry in some way… as I believed that it must be the only way to become a truly successful hunter. Seems simple, make some videos.. post some pictures and Mark Drury will want to be my friend.. So that’s what I did…

I went out, tried making my way, breaking into the industry…. Taking over the industry…

We created a brand, tried growing it through video and other typical everyday things that every hunting show, says and does on the Internet. 

This wasn’t the end of my problem… (Shocking) So I got sick of trying to listen to all these gurus… buy the next great thing… Try the next killer tactic..

I got tired of trying to copy what other hunting shows do.. sounding fake, feeling fake. Everything we did, was to emulate what a different show had done. BORING….

I mean shit, I was bored watching some of our stuff…

My business partner and I provide digital marketing consulting for companies all over the world and I continually give people simple advice… but had failed to listen to my own advice. Be different and help people… Success will follow… 

It lead me to making this blog… How can I help other everyday hunters?? I can’t claim to be an expert.. Have I killed some nice deer… sure… Have I put more hours in than most… sure… But god dammit I don’t have that super cool wall with 30-40 shoulder mounts to stand in front of yet…

So how can I help you?? 

What the hell does a kid between the age of 18 and 30, who is trying to kill a nice deer every year need??

1.Money? Yeah, you graduated from high school, went through college. Started your job, got some student loan debt, car payments, truck payments, you have rent, fuck.. maybe even a house payment, and if you really went wild and got in the good graces with a bank, maybe even a jet ski or motorcycle payment..

Money towards hunting can be put on the back burner. In order to get a nice piece of property, nice equipment, you do need money at times, Shit is not free. But it’s not the end all be all..

2. Time? Yeah, You need time. You start that life. You have that wife, fiancé, child, you have your new job that’s paying the bills from your college. Hunting at times, gets put on the back burner for time.

So we don’t have a lot of time and we don’t have a lot of money…

Are we all just fucked?

Nope… I am certain there is a way…

This isn’t a normal story. This story doesn’t have an ending yet. So I decided to take my own advice. I want to go through the trenches with you. Earn your trust as a reader, viewer and listener. Just because we make videos and have a podcast doesn’t mean that we’ve earned your right to view and consume our content. I really just needed to listen to my own advice. 

Be different and help people… Success will follow… 

The hunting industry doesn’t need more experts, it craves honesty and relatability… So I want to give you all the raw experiences of my season… I’m putting my money where my mouth is…

I’m giving you guys an inside look. No secrets, no fluffy bullshit because we are getting paid from sponsors. This is going to be as real as I can possibly make it.

I am not an expert at killing big deer yet, but I know for a fact I’m getting very, very close.. The realization of this came to fruition because of this paragraph. 

Your life is full of decisions and relationships. I made a decision to live and breathe hunting. I made a decision to introduce people into my process. I have used the excuse of we haven’t caught our break. This is it, No more bull shit. 

This blog is going to put it all out there, updated throughout the year with wins, losses and lessons. Nobody is paying me. Nobody’s altering my belief. This is as raw and as pure as it gets. Welcome to the ride. And I challenge you to put in the time with me.

Your Biggest Fan,

Taylor “Get In The Woods” Henry

P.S. I also want to use this as calling my shot. I do believe I will kill a very nice deer this year. I have multiple that I’m watching and I think I’m very close to cracking the code. I’m not going to be like any other show or any other thing where you crack the code and then you show it later. 

This is going to be a step by step process with me. I will show you step by step what I do to kill a nice deer this year. There is no reason why we both can’t have a wall hanger in our Home Office by this time next year.

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