The Best Has Yet To Come

October 16, 2019
October 16, 2019 1080outdoors

The Best Has Yet To Come

Snow in October… 

I will be the first to admit that I was not mentally ready to sit in the conditions from this past weekend. Wet snow coupled with a stiff 15-20 mph wind was bruuuttal!

With that being said, some studs hit the ground this past week.

Erik Vesbach shot an old GIANT in Crawford County. Erik Said “I think he got lazy with his patterns in his old age, I had him on trail cam on a regular basis around 5:30 at night, about 3 times a week.”

“I picked the location cause there was 6 or 7 scrapes in a 100 yard stretch. It was a standing corn field where we took a ranger and ran down 3 rows of corn in July, they have hammered that area with scrapes.”

“He came sneaking along around 5:15 in the first row standing corn. He would leave the corn cover to check a scrape and then head back to that first row.”

“I pulled back and my shoulder locked up and I had to let down, pulled back again and put a great shot on him quartering away, he went 50 yards.” 

Someone estimated the deer to be 8.5 years old and it tipped the scale at 252 lbs, field dressed… Yes you read that right! Absolute giant! 

I find it so impressive when someone arrows an old brute like this. Erik made it seem rather ordinary but because of the precautions he took he got the upper hand on an old monarch.

Erik’s Scale

That buck had been living damn near a decade, he eluded hunter after hunter and Erik was able to get him in tight, the second week of October. 

I know Erik and I know he 1. Hunts with respect with the land around him and 2. Has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to crops and land management. 

He was patient and waited for the right opportunity on this old boy and he was rewarded, congrats Erik! 

I was out in the elements this past weekend and saw some movement but didn’t see the target bucks we were after. I decided to pull the reins back a bit and have been observing in the evenings. 

I am going to take advantage of the windy conditions this Wednesday and hand a stand while it’s windy and possibly hunt it right away. The wind should lay down the last hour of light. It might be the exact recipe to get in on a couple of my target studs I have on a different section of the farm. 

Meet flyer, V-Town and The Big 8. I’ll be honest with Flyer, he could be a giant 3 year old, he is something I will need to see in person, I will have to dig in the archives to see if I have some history on him. The other two are fully mature. I have history with V-town but he has been MIA since loosing his velvet. I will use my knowledge of how he acted last year during this time and hope he reappears. The Big 8 has been the closest to daylight hours and I probably have the most intel on him. He might just be the best option.

Big 8

Looking at the weather the next 10 days there isn’t too much to get excited about. Sunday afternoon could be a good sit ahead of a rain but the temps are a little high for my liking. 

The end of next week looks like it could bring the ingredients we need to put a slammer on the ground. Last 7 days of October coupled by good weather fronts are always a recipe for action. 

Sit back and observe this week… The best has yet to come. 

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Taylor is the Owner and founder of 1080 Outdoors. He founded the company from his drive and passion of the Outdoors. He thoroughly enjoys Turkey and Deer Hunting in midwest. He runs a digital marketing company after he recently left the Law Enforcement profession. Follow along on Taylor’s hunting journey this year.

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