September Death Wishes

September 15, 2020
September 15, 2020 1080outdoors

September Death Wishes

Don't Ruin Your Small Parcel In September

Welcome back to our blog! Now we’re getting down to business. It is September.

The leaves are changing. Ag fields are all turning brown and the first round of corn is getting ripped off the fields.

This is the prime time to mess up your small hunting parcel.

I get it, you’re excited, you want to go hunting. After a Packers’ win on Sunday afternoon you want to plant yourself in a tree stand and enjoy the warm fall air.

You want to go out Saturday morning and hunt that buck that you’ve had on your camera all summer.

But, do not make your biggest mistake of the year in September.

Hold on.

You should never go into the woods chasing a specific buck without the full-on intention of killing that buck that sit. Meaning, you believe that he’s bedded in a certain area. You believe he’s going to use a specific travel route to a specific place.

You have come up with this legitimate hypothesis, from the intel you’ve collected this year and past years. September is not a time to go exploring or to go in and just try a stand on your property.

Just to be clear, I’m referring to private small-parcel hunting, which most people are doing. Public land you can go morning, you can go night, you go as much as you want, until you find what you’re looking for.

But small-parcel hunting on private land, I’m talking 40 to 120 acres, even up to 300 acres. You cannot go exploring into prime stands in September. Take this from unfortunate experience, if you want a really shitty November and end of October, sit your best stands in September.

September is a time where you can still catch a buck in a summer pattern, or somewhere close to a pattern. It’s a time where if you have a green food source or good access to an acorn flat, you have a shot.

If a deer’s coming out and showing daylight movement on cameras, you have a shot. Don’t take this the wrong way, if you have a deer, that you are happy with harvesting showing up in the daylight… Hunt him!

You’d be an idiot not to. I have a few things I ask myself before I decide to go in for the kill and in September all three need to be checked off.

  1. Where is he bedded?
  2. Why is he bedded there? (i.e. wind & thermals)
  3. Where is he going?
  4. Why is he going there?

If you can’t figure out those things then just sit back, throw an observation stand up. Get a better idea of where he’s coming up. Where is he heading? How can you intercept that specific movement in similar conditions? Use the standing corn to sit in places you normally couldn’t.

And then move in for the kill.

All I ask is, be smart.. Do not ruin your whole hunting season in September, its not worth it.

Right now we are waiting on a cold front and we are looking at green food sources. Alfalfa is still green, while most beans are switching to brown. The deer will be on acorns and Green.

Currently in some areas the first round of corn removal is taking place. If you have that on one of your hunting parcels, take advantage!

So be patient, get in an observation stand. If you want to get out of the woods and hunt, don’t be afraid to go hit some public. Amazing things can happen on public land and you just never know what could be on a parcel!

But if you’re hunting a small parcel with a mature buck on it, the worst thing you can possibly do is go out, just because it’s the weekend and plop yourself in a stand without much thought.

I’m telling you, I have aggressively hunted for five years. And I will tell you, you have one shot, maybe two, in a season at a mature buck, a legitimate mature buck. Give me a Temp drop and a pressure spike, and they might get on their feet early.

Wednesday evening looks good catching the upward spike of pressure and a wind change mid day. Thursday through Sunday look great for September with pressuring topping out at 30.42. That is high!   Check out our latest podcasts covering these scenarios in depth.

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