March 13, 2019 1080outdoors

Pursue The Strut: Season 1

1080 Outdoors is a new product company but we are also a very determined online hunting show. We are smart enough to realize what is killing our industry. Could we throw adds up every 10 seconds in our video… YES. Will we?? NO. See the turkeys that we kill and you will know where to find the products we use!!

Turkey Thursday Episode 1: Follow 1080 Outdoors crew as Team Member Jeff Raasch as he face plants an awesome WI Gobble.

Turkey Thursday – Episode 2: Follow 1080 Outdoors Member Jed Domke as he attacks a family of Jakes. Are you ever too old to take a Jake??? We don’t think so…. Hit em in da face!!

Turkey Thursday Week 4! What has been your best opening day ever? We had ours here in Wisconsin last year, we had a group of four and everyone tagged out.

Do you remember you first turkey? In this 1080 Outdoors video we take it back to last year when Sam and His Dad Dan came along on a hunt they will never forget.

Episode 6 “Late Season Push” Our last video of our short pre season video series! Follow along as Taylor and Marte double up and miss one all in the same day! The camera work had been better but we were focused on getting birds down.

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