Rut Report November 14th – November 20th

November 14, 2019
November 14, 2019 1080outdoors

Rut Report November 14th – November 20th

Jeez I miss sitting in a tree stand. 

I haven’t hunted much in the past two weeks since killing my bow buck on the 2nd. For those that have, the deer hunting has really picked up, while the temps have dropped. 

Once again, we are dealing with an extremely cold, January-like November. That marks three years in a row that the cold has introduced itself earlier than appreciated. 

I have seen legitimate rut activity now everyday for a week. We have seen mature bucks during anytime of the day. It is just a matter of being in the right spot at the right time. 

When we have actually step foot in the woods to hunt we have not had much luck. 

Jed and I set out to perform a hang and hunt this past Saturday at our lease. With the lease being 45-50 minutes away we set off with high hopes at 4am. 

We pull into the lease nearing 5am, with a good hour to get setup. As I begin unhooking the UTV I hear “Oh Shit!” From Jed. 

We come to realize that his bow was left back at home… We were 45 minutes away with nothing in the truck that could replace the purpose of a bow. Tough pill to swallow…

We loaded up, and headed right back. 

We ended up bouncing around to different public pieces with no luck. 

Moral of the story? Remember Your Bow!

My strategy for this week is consistent with what we have been saying for two weeks. Get in those transition areas from doe bedding areas and wait. 

If you see a buck that appears to be locked down with a bow, change your strategy a bit. 

I think bucks last 2-3 days with a doe once they are locked down. If you feel like you are in that 2-3 day window get aggressive. Crowd the area you saw them and sit all day. 

After a day or two move back into those transition areas and hopefully intercept the big boy looking for another doe. More than before I would trust proven sightings within 24 hours and go after it. 

Taking a look at the weather we have been blessed! 

We have rising pressure through Saturday accompanied by warmer temps! Seriously, take advantage of this, it doesn’t happen ofter. 

Top 3 days:

  1. Friday Nov 15th: Pressure is maxed out and temps will near 40. No excuses about the cold on this day. Sit your butt in that stand and be ready. 
  2. Thursday Nov 14th: Today is a great day to see some movement. We have a big pressure rise happening through the day with dry weather, with temps nearing 30 after a snow event on Wednesday. 5-10 MPH winds are also my favorite to see movement. 
  3. Tuesday Nov 19th: Snow is forecasted in the morning and the hours that follow that snow should be great. Once again, really mild temps and a rising pressure after a weather event. Call in sick bud, work in December.  

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