Overview Of My Hunting Parcels

August 3, 2019
August 3, 2019 1080outdoors

Overview Of My Hunting Parcels

Temps have started to change. We are seeing lows into the 50s.. Rag weed is 10+ feet tall (Allergies love that), corn is tasseling, bean fields are tall enough to loose a small child, and we have had one flood so far..  

We are officially in August. God damn that is exciting.. Let me break down my hunting plans for this fall. 

Hunt #1

Date: September 5th – 15h

Location: Wyoming

Game: Mule Deer

Weapon: Bow

It will be my first time making the trek towards the setting sun, to spot and stalk muleys. Jed has gone the last 4 or 5 years with last year being the first time they hunted Mule Deer. I am legitimately concerned for my mental well being after the trip… I might become slightly obsessed from the stories I have heard. 

Last year everyone was able to a tag out, as success rate out there is relatively high. 

I might slip out of state again, but do not have solid plans yet. Jed will be heading north of the border to hunt their Canada property in October. 


On to the whitetails… I will be hunting 3 Farms in SW Wisconsin this year. I will refer to them as Farm #1, Farm #2 and so on until I think of better names. Each Farm will have it’s own time for in depth analysis but for now let me give you the quick run down. 

Fuck this is exciting…

Farm #1

Size: 240 Acres

Food: Corn, Alfalfa, 1 Micro Fall Plot, 2 Micro Clover Plots

Water: Multiple Man made ponds

Access: Average

#1 Target: V-Town

This farm sets up the best for last two weeks of October, first week of November. There is a lot of Doe that are on it right now. There is one large bachelor group on the east end of this parcel. See aerial.

This farm last year housed the Buck I referred to as split g2 buck, who I had 4 encounters with in the stand and he was killed opening day of gun season, 160+ inch deer. I am looking for my second target last year, a buck I call “V-Town”. Beautiful framed deer and as far as I know, he made it through into the winter. 

My last picture of him was on the very west end of my hunting ground and it was in December, so he made it through gun season. I don’t have a picture of him yet, but I haven’t checked all my cameras. I would assume he will be tipping the tape measure easily over 160 this year. 

Farm #2

Size: 100 Acres

Food: Corn, Alfalfa

Water: Taylor Made Kid Pool

Access: Above Average

#1 Target: TBD

This ambiguous parcel has housed some very nice deer over the years. It is mainly ag fields with very little woods to hunt. This farm borders an old farm stead that has overgrown woods and an old apple orchard, it’s very tough to navigate. 

I hit the outskirts of it. There is generally a lot of deer in this area, and it always has one or two mature bucks to spend time on. 

Last year Jed and I had an encounter with a really nice eight pointer that was probably 130 inches. Mature deer that probably will live its whole life at 130-140 inches. 

This farm does have an intriguing bachelor group spending a lot of time in front of a trail cam. The southwest corner has an older food plot, that I’m actually going to leave this year in tall weeds, due to a few reasons I will go into in a separate blog. 

This Farm is always fun to hunt to change it up a little bit. Farm one is the primary farm that I have spent the majority of my time in the past few years.

Farm #3

Size: 125 Acres

Food: Corn, Alfalfa, Soy Beans, 1 Micro Plot Clover, 1 Micro Plot Fall Blend

Water: Natural Spring

Access: Below Average

#1 Target: TBD

This farm is brand new! We just wrapped up on the lease agreement and are looking forward to it. 

I think of it as two separate parcels. The front of the farm is a traditional ag field with some woods bordering it. The large chunk of the farm is what we refer to as the back 80. It is two 40 chunks running east and west. To access we have to go through an easement from the front 40. 

Access is a fucking disaster, straight up.. I hate it. 

But the area it is in… With some other qualities the farm has, makes it worth a shot. The back 80 is hard woods with some small 1/4 to 1/2 acre openings which we will have two different food plots in. The plots will be in the bottom making them a disaster to hunt, unless we get an enclosed blind. 

The 80 is split in half by a deep ditch that I think we can use to navigate. We will pop up on the high points above it, where we can get somewhat of a constant wind. 

This farm will be fun. We have 6 cameras soaking on it and one food plot needing to be planted. This will be a challenge with access but could have a giant payoff with giant deer around that area on the regular. 


Weather looks phenomenal the next ten days. Use the cooler weather to get your ass out there and finish up stands and plots. Waiting for a nice rain to lay that seed but get everything else ready. Catch the next blog… I will get into fall plots. Subscribe Below..

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