October Cold Fronts

October 9, 2019
October 9, 2019 1080outdoors

October Cold Fronts


Sorry I have been delayed on getting my latest blog out. Life happens, I am busy trying to tie up loose ends before shit really hits the fan. 

How about mother nature blessing the weekend warriors the last couple weeks??

The deeper we get into October I will give you my top sits for the week so all you J-O-B havers can select vacay appropriately. 

Some big bucks hit the dirt this past weekend, thank you cold front and high pressure after a rain event. Cold fronts in October can be your best time to convert on specific bucks that are living on your farm.

These deer are transitioning from the dried out beans, corn and acorns out to the still green alfalfa/clover fields. You might see some of your bucks start settling into their October home range.

I have a couple bucks that have begun doing this and they give themselves away during these major weather events. Good news..

We have another one lined up for Saturday and Sunday. 

The weekend will be fire (fire emoji) . No day drinking this weekend… After dark only.

We won’t have really high pressure but a giant cold front is going to insert itself into the midwest… CHANCE OF SNOW 

Yep.. Chance of snow Saturday into sunday.

Friday night could be the best sit if the rain event ends midday. If that does happen get your butt out to a stand after work. Because I cannot say for certain I will list Saturday as the go to day with Sunday being a close second.

Saturday morning it will be 33 degrees, the coldest morning of the year thus far. Sunday might beat it as it looks to be 32 with the highs both days only peeking around 40. 

So what does that mean for you? Hunt… This is a great shot to get on that buck that is showing up just before or after light… his pattern may shift just a tad so you can see him on the hoof in daylight. 

My plan is simple. Be out there. 

I have one buck in particular I will be targeting. 

Weston coined him “Fuck Head” 

Yeah its a very aggressive name but look at him.. 

Absolute fucking freak show (freak show was a close second)

This brute has been frequenting an overgrown hay field on farm two. I am hoping the standing corn makes it to the weekend because my plan is to slip in and setup in the corn again. 

Once that corn gets removed I am going to get a blind out there, hopefully the day it gets chopped.  

He isn’t the only shooter over there that will get an arrow if presented but he is definitely the coolest. 

He has been sporadic on wind direction but his daylight movement has been most consistently related to a W wind and a temp change or pressure spike. 

Saturday is showing a SW wind following a big old temp drop…

We could be in the money my friends… I am not calling my shot but this weekend a lot of mature deer will hit the dirt. 

Chill out Rambo…

It is still only the second week of October don’t go blowing your chances and get to rammy. Play the wind and know your access routes with that wind. 

The whole next week looks great. Good luck, it doesn’t get much better than this for the middle of October. 

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Taylor is the Owner and founder of 1080 Outdoors. He founded the company from his drive and passion of the Outdoors. He thoroughly enjoys Turkey and Deer Hunting in midwest. He runs a digital marketing company after he recently left the Law Enforcement profession. Follow along on Taylor’s hunting journey this year.

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