Final Week Of October – How To Hunt?

October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019 1080outdoors

Final Week Of October – How To Hunt?

Hear that? Listen closely… Leaves rustling, sounds like footsteps. Damn squirrels again? Then you hear it, a deep grunt. GAME ON. You raise off your ass like you’re in a spring installed seat. 

Bow in hand, step… step…. step.. There he is. Nose to the ground, mouth open and moving at a good clip through the timber. Frost covers the woods, it is the type of morning you have dreamed about all year. He stops and sizes up a tree with the diameter similar to a beer can. Bad news for the tree… he tears into it with no regard to his surroundings.

He digs into the dirt below him and rips at the branch above him. He is content with marking his territory and is back on the move.

Remember when you set this stand? You contemplated a couple different spots… You are hoping he takes the high trail that leads 15 yards right past you. 

He moves to the moment of truth, high trail or low trail.. He chooses high. 

He is inside of 40 and on a march to a 15 yard chip shot. 

Are you ready?

It is the last week of October, Hallelujah!

I truly believe this is your best chance to kill a mature buck that calls your woods home. The ones who have been hitting your trail cameras and flirting with daylight hours. They will be on their feet within range of your stand during shooting hours in the next 7 days.

Just a matter of if you will be there too.

How do you choose where to sit and what days should you try to take off?

Let’s get into it. Below is the extended forecast for the final week of October. 

I will give 3 days to target so the weekend warriors can use their vacation well. This next 10 day stretch is tough cause there is so many! We have been insanely blessed this October with fronts and cold weather and the last week will not disappoint. 

Top 3 Days to take off work:

1. Friday 10/25

2. Thursday 10/31 

3. Wednesday 10/30

Friday 10/25 takes the cake. It extends your weekend of incredible hunting and you have the pressure topping out at 30.4. WILD

I gave Halloween the nudge over the day before only because it is Halloween and spooky shit happens every year. Both days are dynamite and if you can take an even longer weekend next week it will be well worth your time. 

Both weekends also look phenomenal, now let’s talk about strategy. 

I will continue to access carefully and with careful consideration on where the wind is pushing my scent. These bucks are still in their home ranges and bedding in the areas you have already decided to avoid.

I am heading out Today 10/24: 

I am slipping into a virgin set that was hung in the rain and wind last week, it heavily favors a NW wind.

My access will have the wind to my face and my stand location will be next to a pond on a pinch just inside a field edge. My wind and scent will flow behind me into an old alfalfa field. 

My targets will be V-town, Big 8 and Flyer. I feel confident that I can get a shot at the Big 8 and flyer. V-town has shifted his range and I would be surprised if he showed. 

Below is an aerial of the location. Black is access and blue is wind. Red dot is stand location.

This is a great pre rut spot because when there is a north wind bucks will travel that road just inside the wood line scent checking doe bedding areas. The pond creates a pinch point that is travelled heavily. 

We have South winds forecasted for Friday and Saturday with my first morning sit coming Saturday. I can’t say for certain my move yet on those days but I will get aggressive and push into the woods a little bit. 

Tips for the last week of October:

Setup in high travelled areas that go between doe bedding areas on the downwind side. Look for those natural funnels and pinch points, these bucks are taking the most direct route to cover area. 

Bring your grunt tube and rattling antlers to pull a buck off in the distance your way. I am not a huge fan of blind calling but we might do some blind rattling if the wind is very favorable for approaching deer. 

Good luck over the next week! There will be a lot of mature deer hitting the ground!

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Taylor is the Owner and founder of 1080 Outdoors. He founded the company from his drive and passion of the Outdoors. He thoroughly enjoys Turkey and Deer Hunting in midwest. He runs a digital marketing company after he recently left the Law Enforcement profession. Follow along on Taylor’s hunting journey this year.

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