Doe Patrol

September 29, 2019
September 29, 2019 1080outdoors

Doe Patrol

Freezer is packed tight before October even hits! 

It has been a great start to the season, the new ranger has been splattered with blood numerous times! You toss a giant bodied Mule deer and an adult doe in a freezer and we are looking good for winter! 

So, what’s the importance of putting a great shot on this doe? 

First and foremost, I overcame some strange mental block I have been dealing with for years where I severely struggle at shooting doe. I have missed countless and messed up on more. 

I dealt with the same strange thing when I was younger with a gun, I would miss doe after doe. I just wouldn’t focus enough and send shots sailing. Now, if I shot at a buck I would convert and there would be no issues.

I’ve missed one mature buck and it still haunts me today. 

Kind of a weird issue right? No matter what it creates doubt in the back of your mind which is the last thing you need when it’s time to lock down on a bruiser. So, I accomplished a few things by punching a doe tag. 

I let my new Mathews eat! That thing, zips fast and hits hard. She didn’t have a chance. The farm I was hunting is a little over populated with doe and needs to be thinned out. Finally, I brought home meat for me and my family. 

Shooting that doe wasn’t even the most interesting thing I saw. On our way to our setup (In a Corn Field) we had to cross through the standing rows and we found this beautiful site. 

A weird little pocket with tall grass and what do you know… A lone bed. When people talk about deer living in corn this is what they are living in. This spot was a perfect spot for a big buck to remain secluded and never feel pressure during the summer months. 

Literally living in the god damn corn, water 250 yards away, exit routes everywhere. Awesome spot. Bucks are so smart, so fucking awesome. 

Settling in for the hunt I did not have high expectations, walking through standing corn is always a better idea than it actually is. I would assume we sounded similar to a Slow moving truck plowing down every corn stalk in sight. 

Nevertheless, we settled in. 45 minutes before shooting time a doe and two fawns fed out in front of us. All was calm and they stayed out at 60 yards. Something caught the adult doe eye and she was locked onto us, she even blew once. (Still the worse noise in the world)

She couldn’t control her curiosity, nor get our wind. She marched straight at us, to 18 yards. Slightly quartered too, she watched me draw and for some reason stood in place.

She just couldn’t take a rage through her front shoulder. She dug taters all the way to the woods and we found her 60 yards in from the field.  

It felt good to get a good clean kill under my belt with this new bow. 

I went out yesterday (Saturday) with high hopes due to the weather but to nothing was doing.

Looking ahead.

The week looks wet… Hopefully flooding will not come along with the 4 days we have with a stalled front over top of the midwest.

If you have a pulse and are able to hunt Thursday and Friday, it looks to be well worth your time.

Happy Bucktober! Side Note: There is no such thing as the “October Lull”. Repeat after me… Hunt The Front, Hunt The Front.

Next Blog: I will show how I did this… Yummy

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Taylor is the Owner and founder of 1080 Outdoors. He founded the company from his drive and passion of the Outdoors. He thoroughly enjoys Turkey and Deer Hunting in midwest. He runs a digital marketing company after he recently left the Law Enforcement profession. Follow along on Taylor’s hunting journey this year.

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