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Growing up I was always intrigued with video production and hunting. My first hunt I video taped was with an i-pod in 2012. Then current team member Jarod Donar and I, started filming and editing our Turkey Hunts. With our wrestling background we formed a show called “Wild Game Stalkers”. With very little funding and organization, the dream slowly diminished as we started our lives and careers.

I began my career as a Police Officer in 2014 at the age of 21. I was able to buy my first real camera, Canon Vixia HF G40. Great camera still for beginners! That is the camera we filmed our first season of Pursuing The Strut. Luckily we had a wildly successful spring.

1080 Outdoors Was Born…

I began looking at video production and digital marketing as more than just a hobby. Jed Domke jumped on board and we made a true investment into gear and our time in learning how to produce great content.

March 1st, 2018, 1080 Outdoors went public as an online retail store. The name came from police lingo 10 codes. 1080 means pursuit. We were truly pursuing the outdoors, (and it sounded cool).

We learned a difficult lesson trying to be a retail company in the outdoor industry. We made very little money with a ton of headaches. I shifted my focus into growing my digital marketing company, 1080 Media Company. I was able to move on from my Law Enforcement Career and we finally had the sustainable income to give us some flexibility in distributing our content.

With the start of 2019 brought some change, we rebranded away from the retail store into a media company for outdoor consumers, like you. Weston Larson joined as media coordinator and has taken us to new heights. We provide our webs show Pursuing The Strut, Podcast (1080 Outdoors Podcast) and How To Videos. We thought it was important to produce a lot of different content for you. We take your time personally and anytime you are taking time out your busy life to consume our content, we appreciate it and take on the duty of entertaining you.

1080 Outdoors was founded on one guiding principle… Relatability. We hunt, fish, curse, drink, make mistakes, get lucky and most importantly have a great time. We are just like you, we have full time jobs, families and real world problems. We want to work through all the problems we see in the field with you and give you real advice that we find works or doesn’t work.

Thank You For Finding Us! We Appreciate You!

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