Heading West

September 6, 2019
September 6, 2019 1080outdoors

Heading West

Let me start this by saying… I am fucking excited!! Jarod put a nice Mule Deer yesterday!

It is September! My god what a beautiful month… You can see the undergrowth and weeds disappearing a significant change in weather the past week…

Much like any hunter/gatherer my mind set swings to a new focus the second August falls away on my flip through Calendar.

The possibilities of what is to come this fall…. I have never felt so much anticipation!

Heading West

We are scratching that itch a week early by heading out to Wyoming to hunt some big Muleys. Being the control freak that I am, I will hate the fact that I know nothing about Mule Deer hunting from firsthand experience.

I do not know shit about it, nor Wyoming. I will be forced to sit back and listen. We have a crew of 6 heading out, all with some experience in the western landscape.

I am slightly concerned… I suffer from what I call HOCD (Hunting Obsessive Compulsive Behavior)… Self diagnosed…

So if what I am being told is true, where spot and stalking Muleys breeds a new obsession… I am fucked… Book my trip for the next ten years cause I won’t stay away… Probably try to buy a god damn house out there.

I am picturing a crisp cool morning with Grey faces magically appearing in the miles and miles of sage and ravines. Then comes the part I live for… The problem solving of hunting… Check the wind… Check the thermals… Where is his cover and what approach should we take.

I will flick a minimum of 1,256 milkweed “Comas”.. Yeah I am about to get scientific as fuck…

Milkweed is the one of the greatest tools a hunter can find and I am clinically obsessed with it (Self diagnosed). Grab a pod this year and use it as a wind checker… it floats and dances for what seems like an eternity sending back useful wind data. It is some of the most important plants to Bee survival and when the dry out in the fall become one of my most important tools. Get some milkweed… Seriously, do it.

Back to my imaginary stalk… We select the appropriate approach and move in… It will be a cat & mouse game and we have a full week to capitalize. I can feel the excitement now…

Can’t wait to report back on the experience… Until then, get ready… Whitetail season is closing in!

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