A Big F U To Land Management Lies – Fall Podcast Series

August 28, 2019
August 28, 2019 1080outdoors

A Big F U To Land Management Lies – Fall Podcast Series

Honesty and business should go hand in hand right?? What is so hard about that? If you are honest and give people legitimate value you will have a prosperous business. If you do legitimate research and use it to educate your customer base they will buy your product.

Don’t take this the wrong way when I say F U to all the bull shit tips and tactics that are fed to you in this industry. I don’t hate the hunting industry, it is no different than another commercialized industry in todays society. Shit if I hated it that much we wouldn’t be inserting ourselves into it..

But… There is a select few that take the easy way out. Let me get off my soap box for a minute and get back to whats important.

Steve and I believe there is an easier way to have success in the form of land management than what is usually portrayed on TV. I like food plots, I love putting them in and I think they do hold a small purpose to your hunting success, very small. 

So, if that is the case why don’t you hear about other strategies? 

Simply put… There just isn’t enough products that support really good forest and property management. So here we are… 

The 1080 Outdoors Fall Podcast series, Episode 1. Steve, Jed and I will cover land management tips and tactics while updating everyone on our hunting seasons while giving up to date strategies. 

We will also document our venture out West. Jed and I will head to Wyoming Mule Deer hunting in two weeks while Steve heads to Colorado looking for Elk. Jed and Steve will then switch targets and Jed will head to NM to chase Elk and Steve plans to chase Muleys in Nebraska or the Dakotas. 

You can count on me nerving out on Whitetails here in the midwest… Give the podcast a follow and listen. We appreciate the support! 

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Taylor is the Owner and founder of 1080 Outdoors. He founded the company from his drive and passion of the Outdoors. He thoroughly enjoys Turkey and Deer Hunting in midwest. He runs a digital marketing company after he recently left the Law Enforcement profession. Follow along on Taylor’s hunting journey this year.

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