3 – Tips To Get Big Bucks On August Trail Cameras

August 14, 2019
August 14, 2019 1080outdoors

3 – Tips To Get Big Bucks On August Trail Cameras

The classic love hate relationship… I have many of these… The packers every year of my life except 2011 and 1997, (Correction: Every WI sports team). A drunken night with friends, to wake up to a pounding headache… and running trail cams in August are the main that come to mind. 

There is no question that August is a magical month when it comes to running your cameras. For me, it is unequivocally the best time of the year to collect inventory on the bucks that could frequent your hunting ground come the fall. It is also a great time to get a million accidental triggers from tall weeds. ***Clear the area before you hang the camera and leave*** (Reminder for me mainly)

Interestingly enough, I just had probably one of the best trail cam pulls of my hunting career. In terms of quality and quantity of big bucks I got on camera. 

Before I dive into that, let me sneak in my 3 – Tips To Get Big Bucks On August Trail Cameras. 

  1. Water Sources

Nothing… and I mean nothing beats a good water source after about a week of dry weather in July and August. Similar to the rut bucks flock to the ponds and creeks on our farms. This last card pull revealed much of the same.

We had 10-14 days of dry weather and the buck sightings sky rocketed. I have cameras scattered on the various water sources scattered across my hunting tracs but one in particular delivers year after year. 

I set the cam right on the dyke which acts as a pinch due to the steep drop off on the back side. I have countless years of great pictures in August on this dyke.

Pinch Point + Water = Great Pictures. 

“Nothing…. and I mean nothing beats a good water source after about a week of dry weather in July and August.”

Natural Spring Crossing

2. Crop Transitions

Bean or Alfalfa intersection with corn is dynamite right now. Throw in a fence line and I am drooling at the thought  of the pictures I will get. The general deer population loves edges but big bucks are infatuated with them. 

Set your cam on a fence row pointing out along a corn and green field break. Sit back and Collect the data.  

Split G2 Buck Last Summer Before He Broke My Heart

3. Mineral Stumps and old Mineral Sites

There was a time in this part of the state (SW WI) that a couple counties allowed mineral sites. There is no doubt that this time of the year produced the best results for big bucks coming in and visiting your site. 

Now, make due with finding the remnants of old sites as they could be used for years. Another technique that I am currently testing are 100% natural mineral stumps.

Check out MSU Deer Lab Podcast For More Info.

When you cut a tree down during the growing season that stump produces small leaves and browse around the stump. It is found that these leaves have higher nutrients and deer love them. They are referred to as “Mineral Stumps”. Like I said, I am no scientist.. They are. The theory is intriguing.

I don’t want to get into details of what I am seeing on my trail cameras yet but it looks good. I have found back the buck I chased last year that I called “V-Town”. He looks reallllly good in that velvet. 😉

I will throw one picture of him on here but will refrain from expounding on the deep dive I have already begun. I don’t like counting on deer to stick around past August. It is impossible to say what a deer will do when they shed their velvet. I do however feel more confident with V-Town as he was a frequent flyer last year. 

I mowed a trail to the pond directly behind them. The dyke is to the right.

It is shaping up to be a good year! Get on the water, crop transition and natural mineral hubs and you will score some fantastic pictures these last two weeks of August. 

P.S. We are a friggin month away from the opener… I will raise a beer to that.

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